Geothermal Energy

Future-proof planning: energy cost saving

Continually rising energy prices are posing major challenges to local authorities, industry and commerce, as well as to private property owners.

Finding the optimum energy concept for a building is extremely difficult, because a wide variety of different aspects have to be balanced – including energy-saving legislation, on-site geological conditions, and the demands of the installed heating and cooling system.

We help our customers find the optimum supply concept for their properties.

Geothermal energy: eco-friendly, cost-effective and reliable

In many cases, using renewable energy – especially geothermal energy – can prove to be the optimum solution. Geothermal energy systems are eco-friendly, cost-effective and reliable.


Using geothermal energy as the heat source for a heat pump provides developers, architects and planners with a unique opportunity to install future-proof alternatives on new-build projects and when modernising heating systems.


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The future belongs to renewable energy