Quality Assurance

The tewag team is always keen to help assure or verify the technical quality of planned or existing geothermal systems. In concrete terms, that means:

  • We advise on the system design and give recommendations for the supply concept.
  • We review and optimise existing system plans as well as drilling and development concepts.
  • We assist in contract award negotiations and assess the materials, products and methods quoted in bids.
  • Our experts monitor and supervise drilling works as stipulated by the regulatory authorities or as a site management function.
  • We monitor execution of the construction works – in particular the probe depth and backfill – by means of geophysical measurements in finished probes.
  • We monitor geothermal heat sources by means of controlled system monitoring. We act as expert assessors and witnesses in the event of legal disputes.

System Monitoring

How efficiently is an existing geothermal system running? System owners are not only interested in answering that question for their own benefit, they also in some cases have to submit the relevant information to regulatory authorities, or furnish it in order to obtain grants. Tewag develops custom system monitoring concepts which may cover both the heat exchanger (heat source monitoring) and the ground (ground-water monitoring). To do so, we provide the necessary measuring equipment and handle the associated data acquisition and evaluation. The system can run autonomously, with its data being polled remotely, or it can be integrated into a local building services management system.