Field Measurements

In order to provide an accurate assessment of risk, and enable us to design sustainable systems, we recommend that our customers arrange for field measurements to be carried out.


Thermal Response Test

For larger installations, especially, it is almost imperative to conduct a Thermal Response Test (also termed: Geothermal Response Test). This test is normally conducted on a fully developed geothermal probe, and determines the thermal conductivity of the ground on-site. In conjunction with temperature-depth profiles, the ground-water horizons through which lines flow can also be easily identified for example. As the geothermal probe can normally be integrated subsequently into the probe field, this exploratory measure entails little additional cost. The tewag team has been professionally conducting and evaluating Thermal Response Tests using the company's own equipment since 2006. Having to date carried out over 300 such tests throughout Germany, tewag is one of the country's most experienced specialists in the field.


Temperature-Depth Profile Measurements

Measurement logs can also be produced in relation to other key system parameters, including the annulus backfill. The annulus is the cavity between the U-pipe of the geothermal probe and the surrounding ground. An intact annulus backfill, sealing this cavity completely and in a quasi-water-impermeable way, is vital to the efficient functioning of the system. By means of temperature-depth profile measurements, we can identify existing cavities and defective locations where ground-water is flowing around the probe. The measurements are taken in the pipes of the geothermal probe following a brief heat-up phase. They can be combined with the Thermal Response Test.


Special Measures

To carry out special measures, such as Enhanced Geothermal Response Tests, geophysical bore hole logs or well exploration, we work together with partner companies which possess the relevant specialist know-how.