Since the year 2000, tewag and former employees of  systherma have handled over 6,500 geothermal system projects. Our work on the individual projects has extended from basic appraisal and feasibility studies, through all the planning phases, to construction supervision and system monitoring. Our work is oriented to the procedures set out by the AHO working group on Shallow Geothermal Systems, most recently issued in 09/2011. We divide our process into the following phases:


  • Phase 1: Basic appraisal/feasibility study
  • Phase 2: Pre-planning, project and plan preparation
  • Phase 3: Design planning, system and integration planning
  • Phase 4: Approval planning
  • Phase 5: Execution planning
  • Phase 6: Preparation for contract award
  • Phase 7: Invitation to tender/assistance in contract award
  • Phase 8: Site management
  • Phase 9: System monitoring/documentation


We additionally use the abbreviations FM (field measurements), BÜ (construction supervision) and MN (system monitoring).



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