Project Management

Installing a geothermal system is a complex process, as it involves considering a wide range of influencing factors and coordinating the various parties. We manage such projects from the pre-planning stage through to implementation. To that end, we have developed a project plan, which incorporates the procedures set out by the AHO working group on Shallow Geothermal Systems, as well as know-how gained from many years' practical experience. The plan consists of four phases: feasibility study, investigation (test bores), implementation (design planning, approval and execution), and quality control. In planning your project, we give due consideration to coordination with other aspects of the building project and assure all work is completed to schedule.


Tip: Be sure to engage a specialist geothermal consultant at a very early stage of the planning process. Tapping ground-source heat is usually among the earliest works on a construction project. Before it can be carried out, the feasibility study, any necessary test bores and field tests, and the system planning must be complete and the required official planning approvals must have been obtained. All those steps have to be included in the construction schedule.